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10 Biggest Content Writing Mistakes SaaS Companies Make

Content marketing is one of the most essential tools for SaaS companies looking to gain leads and spread the word about their businesses. You can use content to educate readers about your industry, inform customers about your products and services, or put out your own research to become an industry authority. 

But content marketing isn’t just about writing blogs or posting to social media every now and then. There are several key content writing mistakes SaaS companies would be smart to avoid making. Keep these 10 things in mind when you’re getting started with your content. 

Not Creating a Content Strategy

Perhaps the biggest of the content writing mistakes SaaS companies can make is not being prepared. Content marketing, just like any other type of marketing, involves planning and strategizing.

Think about what goals you’re trying to achieve with your content. Consider the audience you’re trying to reach and what content would be relevant and intriguing to them. Then, make sure you’re covering the appropriate topics and getting your content to the platforms where your target audience already hangs out. 

Failing to create a content strategy means you’ll be wasting lots of time and effort creating content that your audience won’t benefit from (and may not even see!).

Writing for Search Engines, Not People

Lots of companies use content marketing to improve their SEO (search engine optimization) performance. But in some cases, businesses tailor their content to satisfy search engines instead of appealing to the readers behind the screen. 

Google’s recent Helpful Content Update emphasizes why it’s so important to remember whom you’re actually writing for. Keep your content relatable and easy to read and avoid practices like keyword stuffing. When your content satisfies your readers, the SEO performance boost will naturally follow. 

Only Using Short-Tail Keywords

Short-tail keywords are small one- or two-word phrases that a user may search for on Google or a similar search engine. When you’re creating your content, you’ll want to integrate relevant keywords into the copy. But since short-tail keywords are so easy to put in your content, you’ll find that they come with a lot of competition on SERPs.

Instead, use long-tail keywords in your strategy as well. Long-tail keywords tend to be more specific than short-tail, which means they’ll bring less competition from competitors. Plus, long-tail keywords and phrases help you get down to the information that your audience is truly looking for. This is arguably one of the easiest content writing mistakes SaaS companies can correct, so don’t overlook it!

Aiming for Quantity over Quality

Producing content consistently is important to keep your audience coming back for more. But if you’re posting a mediocre blog post every single day, you won’t bring in the leads you’re hoping for. Instead, spend more time polishing your content and scale back the amount of content you’re producing. 

This one might be one of the most common content writing mistakes SaaS companies make. Don’t fall into the trap of leaning toward quantity over quality. Top-quality content is what will attract and keep audiences, even if you only provide it a couple of times per week. 

Being Too Promotional

Audiences can tell when they’re being pitched to, and it tends not to go over well. If your readers feel like you’re simply trying to get them to make a purchase, they’ll head elsewhere. The focus of your content should be on readers themselves, not on your company. 

Customers will search the web for answers to their questions or problems, and while your company might have the perfect solution, you don’t want to pitch yourself outright. Make sure your content strategy includes informative posts that don’t focus on the benefits of your company. When audiences feel like you see them as more than just customers, they’re more likely to stick around. 

Not Including Visuals

The world is becoming increasingly visual, so your content should be visual, too! Your blog posts don’t have to be endless walls of text. In fact, text-only blog posts can be intimidating to readers and can lose their attention quickly. 

Ensure you’re using visuals in all your content. Not only will you be able to break up your copy, but you can use visuals to give even more value to your readers. Infographics, how-to videos, and other simple elements can do wonders for making your content more unique and valuable. 

content writing mistakes SaaS

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Making Content Too Busy

Yet, there are similar yet distinct content writing mistakes SaaS companies make in terms of content formatting. Adding visuals is important, yes, but too many pictures and videos can make your content overwhelming. Don’t go overboard; adding tons of elements to your copy can make the information harder to read and enjoy. 

Get down to the heart of the message you’re trying to put across and cut out the “extras.” When you’re adding visuals, ask whether the picture or video is truly helpful or if it’s simply there to serve as a placeholder between paragraphs. Less is more!

Not Updating Old Content

When you’re creating content for your blog in particular, it’s easy to forget about a piece as soon as it’s posted. But this is one of the most critical content writing mistakes SaaS companies can make. Set aside a regular time (perhaps once every quarter or every year) to update your old content. 

Maybe you wrote a post on an old news story that has since been updated. Go update that blog post as well! See if you can add links to your old blog posts to get readers clicking on your newer material. Keeping your old content fresh will show users that you care about providing the most relevant and accurate information possible. 

Posting Infrequently

To build a loyal customer base, you need your readers to trust you. One way to build that trust is by posting regularly. Even if you can only post to social media or your blog one time per week to start off, adhere to that schedule as closely as possible. 

Posting every now and then is the easiest way to lose your audience’s attention, since they won’t know when to look out for new material from you. But by releasing content on a regular schedule, you’ll hold yourself accountable while also consistently giving your audience something to look forward to. 

Failing to Promote Content

While you don’t want to be overly promotional in your content, you do still want to get the word out there! Let your audience know that you’re producing content for them and encourage them to get involved. Perhaps you can share your weekly blog post on social media or include a link to your newest post in your email newsletters. 

You don’t have to spend money on promotion if you don’t want to. But if you have the means, paid ads can be a great way to spread the word without much manual effort. Try a couple of promotional tactics to start with and gradually expand your strategy as your company grows. 

Avoid Content Writing Mistakes SaaS Companies Make with WriterArmy

These 10 items offer a lot to think about, and it’s okay if you don’t know where to start. Maybe you feel overwhelmed at the thought of making your own content at all. That’s where WriterArmy comes in! We have an incredible team of content writers experienced in all of today’s most in-demand verticals, including SaaS. 

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