Healthcare Content Marketing Strategy

5 Steps to Developing a Healthcare Content Marketing Strategy

According to the Content Marketing Institute, most marketers don’t have a documented marketing strategy. Without a plan, the content you create will fail to consistently uphold your brand’s image and main messaging. In the field of healthcare, especially, consistency is incredibly important. You want clients to trust your brand, which requires building their confidence in your knowledge and abilities.

Healthcare content marketing should always be engaging, informative, and accurate. To consistently produce such content, you need a cohesive healthcare content marketing strategy. In this guide, we will share five steps you can take to achieve this.

1. Define Your Objectives

First, everyone starts in the planning phase. This is when you need to assess your current approach to healthcare content marketing and determine what your company wants and needs and how you intend to get there. Ask yourself what are our goals? What is the desired outcome? Who will be involved in this strategy? Determining your end goal is especially important in this phase.

2. Identifying Your Audience

In order to create the appropriate healthcare content marketing, you need to know who your target audience is. This will help you determine what mediums they use to access content and what type of content they are looking for in the first place. In healthcare, you’re offering solutions to clients’ health needs. It’s crucial to identify what problems they are facing to provide relevant answers in your content.

3. Start Building!

After your initial planning phase, it’s time to start creating your content! However, the point is not simply to create content here and there; everything should follow your cohesive healthcare content marketing strategy.

First, you want your healthcare content marketing to follow a messaging roadmap. This means you are designing content that will match each stage of the buyer’s journey. At this point, you should know your target audience and what their pain points are. Next, you want to create messaging that gradually convinces them that your healthcare services are the solution to their problems. This is also an opportunity to demonstrate your edge above key competitors in the market.

Most likely, your content will be created by a dedicated team of individuals. To ensure your main messaging stays on track, it’s important to provide a documented breakdown of your goals, audience, and any other relevant information. Roles and responsibilities should be clearly defined, and your plan of action should be plotted out on a team calendar. That way, there are no late articles and minimal miscommunications. Everyone is on the same page.

4. Publish & Refine

Once your content is in place, you want to make it public to the world! Knowing your audience will help you determine where to publish this material. Are they on social media? Do they prefer newsletters and emails? Are watching information videos on YouTube? Ideally, your content is being published on multiple formats using numerous mediums to reach the broadest audience possible. But based on your financial limitations, you will probably be forced to narrow your focus to the most effective mediums and publication methods.

The good news is, as you go along, you can constantly repurpose your content. If consumer needs don’t change too drastically, your blog article can become a podcast or TikTok video. Great content should branch out beyond your own website into other popular digital channels.

 5. Measure Your Progress

Once your content is out in the world, naturally, you want to know how successful it is at increasing traffic and sales. This is a long-term process of monitoring and measuring. There are a few things you should be evaluating:

Cost. Simply put, are the sales generated by your content enough to justify the expense of your marketing strategy? Research into the subject consistently shows that, yes, investing in marketing results in significant gains. But if for some reason, the results show otherwise for you, that suggests it’s time to reevaluate your strategy.

Performance. While it is tempting to simply measure the number of page views, social share, or click rates your content receives, that doesn’t demonstrate how much engagement prospects are really having with your content. Instead of measuring traffic, assess engagement.

After putting in all this effort, what will you accomplish with a documented healthcare content marketing strategy? For one, it will dramatically increase awareness of your brand. Even when you post content that is not directly related to your products, it builds customer confidence that you are knowledgeable about the field and can help them solve their own problems. People are always concerned about their health and slow to trust just anyone, so building a positive reputation will go a long way.

Additionally, healthcare content marketing drives SEO and website traffic. With a consistent strategy, you will find your own content receiving more organic traffic. Search engines reward businesses that publish valuable content often. This will help you rise above your competition and establish yourself as an authoritative brand in the field.

WriterArmy Can Help with Your Healthcare Content Marketing Strategy

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