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How to Write Content That Appeals to Your Target Audience

Content marketing can be tricky for beginners, but it can also be one of the most effective ways to bring new audiences to your business, increase engagement with potential customers, and prove yourself as an authority in your field. Being able to connect and engage with others isn’t easy, but it’s also why writing can be so effective when it’s done right. 

The first rule of content marketing is to appeal to your target audience. But how do you do that? Here are four helpful tips to get started.

Research Your Market

You can’t appeal to your target audience if you don’t know who your target audience is! HubSpot summarizes the concept of a target audience perfectly: 


Your content won’t appeal to everyone on the internet, nor should it. After all, your product or service is targeted at a specific group of people, so your content should be as well. Use tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights to learn more about your users or customers and zero in on their behaviors.

Discover Key Pain Points

Once you know who your audience is, you can discover their pain points. What problem are you looking to solve for your audience? That’s the pain point you want to tap into with your materials. 

Keep in mind that your content doesn’t always have to involve directly selling your product. For instance, let’s say you sell planners. Your ideal audience is likely facing the pain point of needing better time management or improved productivity. You could create blogs that offer productivity tips for your audience without directly pitching your planners. 

In this way, you’re always providing valuable content for your audience without seeming pushy. This approach makes you and your company appear more relatable and trustworthy. 

Use Trends to Your Advantage

When it comes to writing content, you might find it hard to come up with topics. Yes, you want to create some content that your audience can come back to again and again, but it’s also important to capitalize on trends. Whether there’s a fun hashtag going around on social media or there’s a big news story that breaks in your field, you can use these trends to boost your business. Chances are that members of your target audience will be aware of these trends, and hopefully, they’ll come across your content while they’re looking at the news or scrolling social media. 

Stay Engaged

It’s not enough to simply put content out there and hope your audience benefits from it. To truly reach your target audience, you have to interact with them. And it’s now more important than ever before: one survey found that 80% of customers report that the “experiences provided by a company are as important to them as its products and services.” `

Of course, being engaged with your customers will make them feel like they really matter instead of being just another number. But you can also use this engagement to further your content marketing strategy. Look at your comments regularly and see what keeps popping up. Is everyone talking about a certain news story? Is there an issue that multiple people are having? These topics could give you inspiration for your content.

Final Thoughts

Content marketing can take practice, but by identifying your target audience and appealing to them, you can achieve incredible results in a short amount of time. If writing content still sounds intimidating, we can help. WriterArmy is proud to employ a team of talented writers who can appeal to audiences in any market. Contact us today for a free quote on any of our content services!

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