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5 Essential Legal Content Marketing Strategies

You may be the best in the business, but without visibility, most will never know what they’re missing. Today, many prospective clients will begin their search online. Who they ultimately decide to employ may depend on the results of a simple Google search that leads to your blog or other content on your website. Therefore, law firm content marketing is essential to make yourself stand out among competitors. These five strategies are essential for any successful legal content strategy.

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1.)  Think Locally

Most likely, your law firm serves a client base within a specific geographic area. Tailor your content marketing strategy to reach a local audience. Create a web page which includes content relevant to your clients and context. Additionally, you should create local business listings. Popular platforms such as Google+, Yahoo! Local, Yelp, Bing Places, and Internet Yellow Pages are great places to start.

The content you write should also be hyper relevant to local and state laws as you might imagine. Your potential client base wants to see that you have a strong knowledge of local laws.

When potential clients begin searching for legal services in their area, your information and content will be more likely to appear within their search results. If your firm name, address, phone number, and other information appears consistently across various platforms, this will boost your search engine ranking. It will also make it that much easier for clients to contact you directly.

2.)  Promote Your Content

An attractive, user-friendly website is a must. Keeping your website updated with the latest legal content is also important. However, all these efforts will go to waste unless people are viewing your content. Fancy signatures, letterheads, or a sleek website are not enough.

Promote your website using social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. A targeted content marketing strategy may allow you to tap into larger markets. For instance, find like-minded legal influencers, those who already have large followings, and interact with their posts to attract a following of your own.

3.)  Create Targeted Marketing

In addition to targeted content promotion, engage in content marketing strategies which allow you to track your own progress – for instance, using programs which allow you to monitor how much traffic your content is receiving. Blogs are a convenient platform for this, and comment sections allows readers to further engage. By determining client interest – certain topics which appeal, areas of expertise in demand, etc. – you can create opportunities for them to connect with you and learn more, through customized emails or newsletters.

To increase your reach, be intentional about improving your search engine optimization (SEO). With an improved SEO, your content will appear higher in Google searches. One of the best ways to promote your content is through strategic use of commonly searched keywords in blogs and other content.

4.)  Develop a Niche

Though most legal firms provide a wide range of services, it is wise to narrow your focus to a few areas of expertise. When searching for a prospective lawyer, will clients opt for the website which briefly mentions family law or the one that demonstrates in-depth knowledge of the field? Almost certainly the latter. By focusing on just a few areas or one specific niche, you will build a reputation within this field and instill trust in prospective clients

5.)  Provide Concrete Action Items

You’ve built an audience within your niche. Prospective clients are viewing your website and content. Now what? Provide tangible action items so that if viewers like what they see, they can follow up with you. Interactive content has been proven to assist. Live chats, quizzes, or polls all serve as means of gently encouraging viewers to reach out.

For guidance setting up your own legal marketing strategy, Writer Army is here to help. We provide skilled legal content writers and a comprehensive marketing strategy. Contact us for further details about our services and how we might best meet your needs.

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