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6 Excellent and Inspiring Infopreneur Website Examples

In the mid-1980s, Harold F. Weitzen coined and trademarked the term “infopreneur.” According to the Cambridge Dictionary, “An infopreneur is an entrepreneur who makes money by collecting, organizing and selling information mainly in a niche market.” 

Weitzen realized that as society became increasingly complex, certain information became increasingly valuable. Particularly to entrepreneurs, who were able to pay for it. Accordingly, the “infopreneur” was born.

In essence, people began to realize there was significant value not just in creating or running businesses but in providing a very specific kind of information that enabled those businesses to thrive.

In this article, we’ll look at the websites of some highly successful infopreneur websites and see just how they position themselves. 

The Podcaster

infopreneur website

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Ajit Nawalka is a star. The co-founder of MindValley and founder/CEO of EverCoach, he is by all accounts a master of his craft. 

Among his many hats—which include big-ticket corporate consulting, personalized coaching, and a one-of-its-kind program that offers a dual certificate in coaching/consulting—he also delivers an acclaimed podcast. 

Its target audience is existent coaches, with whom he shares tips, insights, and real-life coaching sessions. 

Ajit’s website consists of three major pluses: 

  • A direct, to-the-point, highly inclusive, explanation of who can benefit from his services.
  • A well-shot photo of himself, including one of his trademark chapeaus.
  • Lots of episodes of his podcasts to appeal to his target audience. 

It’s clear, professional, and consists of zero fluff. As it’s not meant for everyone, it doesn’t scream for attention. Master craftsmen rarely need to. 

Instead, reflecting his personality, the website exudes calm and self-assuredness, which is exactly what his audience of coaches is seeking to absorb. Ajit has a clear vision and knows his target audience well, which is what makes this infopreneur website one of the most effective. 

The Blogger

infopreneur website

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Another terrific infopreneur website example comes from Aisha Preece. 

Aisha is a blogger-turned-digital nomad. This was formerly an obscure term, but our post-Covid, remote-working world has turned it from an unattainable fantasy into a very legitimate option.

Aisha’s website cuts right to the chase: “Want to make money online?” It then offers the reader the option to learn exactly how.

On her website, Aisha explains that she’s able to work remotely from anywhere in the world, lives an independent lifestyle, saves money, and now loves Mondays! She expertly addresses what her audience’s pain points are and provides a picture of what their lives could look like. Included on her site are photos of her having a blast and clearly living her best life.

In and of itself, Aisha’s website has a strong appeal. Yet not resting on those laurels, Aisha produces the steak to go with the potatoes. She offers high-value, in-depth articles on at least a half dozen ways to earn online income, ranging from teaching English online to becoming a proofreader to starting your own blog.  

From the hook to the visuals to the written content, Aisha Preece is a pro. 

The Author

infopreneur website

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Mark Dawson is an accomplished writer. He is currently penning three distinct series and has written over 25 novels so far. His works have sold over two million copies around the world. 

His website is a near-perfect representation of his genre, which is one of espionage, conspiracies, assassins, and intrigue. It’s a film noir full-screen image, nothing less than visually arresting. Befitting his brand, it’s stark and foreboding, leaving the viewer intrigued. 

Little else appears on the page except for a very prominent newsletter opt-in form, Dawson’s name in the top left corner, and a navigation bar that’s distinctly split between the left and right of the screen. 

Included on that bar is an option to purchase his books from the website itself and multiple ways of connecting on social media.

In terms of copy, it is a bit stark, yet it works exceptionally well to represent Dawson’s chosen genre and appeal to his target audience of readers. This infopreneur website is sure to intrigue those who want to let their works speak for themselves. 

The Speaker

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If public speaking were Hollywood, Matthew Friedman would be an Oscar winner. 

The author of a dozen books, he’s delivered nearly a thousand speeches across 300 countries. More than 100 have been keynote addresses, and he was awarded the 2017 Gold Standard Award for “Asia Communicator of the Year.”

He has worked tirelessly in the name of global anti-human trafficking initiatives, and public health programs. Friedman is a serious man who speaks of serious matters, all the while moving hearts and changing lives.

His website perfectly reflects who he is and what he’s done. It’s filled with at-work photos of him speaking to and engaging with audiences, along with acknowledgments of his remarkable accomplishments.

It nearly screams experience, competency, and dedication. It also leaves zero doubt that he will deliver! 

The Coach

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Another outstanding infopreneur website example comes from Marissa Peer. 

Marissa is “Big Time,” and her website reflects just that. 

Speaking both literally and metaphorically, much like Ajit Nawalka, she dons many a hat. Marissa is a therapist, speaker, trainer, and coach. Yet in contrast to author Mark Dawson’s stark if compelling website, Marissa’s is colorful, light, and full of options. With swaths of pink, shades of blue, and dabbles of green, it is lively and inviting. Meanwhile, she herself presents in a light mustard yellow. 

Everything about it is uplifting and hopeful. 

Plus, along with a veritable smorgasbord of options to select from—including a shop, events, therapy, and a blog—you are left confident that good things can happen here! 

The Thought Leader

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Our last infopreneur website example goes to Simon Sinek, the brilliant thought leader in transformational and organizational psychology.

One doesn’t generally arrive at Simon’s site accidentally. If you arrive there, you likely already know who he is. He’s the guy whose 2009 TED talk garnered a whopping 50 million views.

The top of the website is minimalist, but the beams of orange penetrating the black background are powerful. Also, the word “optimism” features prominently. 

Further down, it becomes brighter, full of both colors and options. Faces are smiling, hues are much lighter, and there are many words of wisdom. 

His website takes you from the darkness to the light, which is perfectly representative of the vision he’s trying to place in his audiences’ heads. 

Improve Your Own Infopreneur Website

No matter what kind of infopreneur you are, having an effective website can be the key to capturing your target audience and spreading the word about your services. But creating a website and everything it entails, from web hosting to website copy, isn’t everyone’s expertise, and that’s okay.

If you’re not sure about the content your website should include, WriterArmy can help you with the right copy to keep your audience’s attention. WriterArmy provides a wide range of content marketing and content creation services to take your business to the next level. Contact WriterArmy today to learn more!

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