Content Marketing ROI Statistics

The Ultimate List of Content Marketing ROI Statistics for 2023

Content marketing is an ever-changing tool within the business industry that organizations rely on to increase their position in content marketing ROI statistics. Doing it correctly can make or break a marketing campaign so it is important to understand how to do it and what is truly working for your organization. Keeping up with marketing trends that are in a constant state of evolution is essential for business success. Let’s explore some of the content marketing ROI statistics for 2023 to help you better understand what to expect as we enter the new year. 

Content Marketing Statistics

According to Julia McCoy of Content Hacker, “Out of all digital marketing strategies, content marketing has THE highest ROI.” In fact, in 2024, content marketing is going to be worth an estimated $600 billion. That’s a billion, with a B. 

  • 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing as a tool. 
  • Those who use blogging as a tool for marketing are 1300% more likely to have a positive return on their ROI.
  •  95% of B2B buyers view content as a “trustworthy marker” when evaluating other businesses or products.
  • The most popular form of content is blogs, utilized by 83% of B2C marketers. 
  • Based on Litmus Report, the average return on your investment from email is a graph-popping 4200%! 

There are various types of content marketing. Let’s explore the statistics for those. 

Social Media Statistics

According to the University of Maine, there are over 4.48 billion people on social media worldwide. It is no wonder that people turn to social media when they run marketing campaigns. Social media allows businesses to advertise and promote their products. There are also plenty of tools out there to help in understanding your outreach and whether you are targeting your audience appropriately.

  • Facebook

According to Write Cream, 69% of the American population is on Facebook, making it the perfect place for advertising. On average, almost 20 hours are spend on Facebook per month according to HootSuite

  • Instagram

According to Demand Sage, Instagram has over 2 billion users! Not only that but marketers are finding that working with influencers on Instagram has gained them their biggest return on investment!

  • Twitter

According to Demand Sage, Twitter has over 229 million users! More importantly though, link clicks make up for 92% of the interaction that users are having amongst all of the tweets according to HubSpot

As you can see, using social media for marketing is a great way to reach a large audience. 

content marketing roi statistics
Image Source: HubSpot

Blogging Statistics

Blogging isn’t just about writing articles. It takes the right amount of words and specific keywords to rank highly in search engine results pages. When done correctly though, blogging can be highly effective. Check out these statistics gathered from AHREFS.

  • In America, internet users spend three times more time on blogs than on email!
  • 44% of people looking to purchase something say they read three to five blogs before making a purchase
  • 89% of marketers use blogs to increase their return on investment
content marketing roi statistics
Image Source: Content Hacker

Video Marketing Statistics

Video is also an effective strategy for marketing when done effectively. Think of all of the video ads you run into when you are watching a video on YouTube. 

  • According to Lemonlight, marketers had an increase in leads when they used video content
  • Statista reports that marketers spend almost 42% on video ad campaigns
  • Website and social media platforms are where marketers aim to have their videos distributed according to Lemonlight

Email Marketing Statistics

Email still remains the best platform for creating personalized content for your customers. 

  • According to Hubspot, there are over 4 billion daily email users
  • 33% of marketers send emails weekly and 77% of marketers have seen an improvement in customer engagement through email, according to Hubspot

Why is content marketing so effective?

A principal reason is that, when well constructed and properly targeted, the content is placed directly in front of a consumer base. But not just any customer base: your content will be in front of customers who are looking for the exact solution which you are offering.

High-value content creates trust, instills confidence, and spurs action. It provides the creators invaluable credibility and establishes them as a distinct authority. 

Again, this is why original, quality content matters. 

Quality content is the gift that keeps on giving. Once created and posted, it is the equivalent to passive income! Every piece out there will continue to work for you night and day. It becomes part of your digital library, available to all, nearly everywhere in the world. You can modify it, update it to keep it relevant, or even ideate from it. Plus, the longer it exists, the more value the algorithm assigns it. 

Content marketing ROI statistics show that companies with 400+ posts draw twice the traffic as those with 300-400 posts. So volume does matter as well. Just not without quality. 

Any Questions about Content Marketing ROI Statistics?

It’s said that numbers don’t lie. In the case of content marketing ROI statistics, it’s unquestionably true. 90% of blogs will get ZERO traffic from Google.

Fortunately, there is a blueprint to reliable success and growth in content marketing ROI statistics. Having a content marketing strategy is a key component. 

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