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8 Inspiring LinkedIn Banner Examples

LinkedIn has nearly 830 million users, stretched out over more than 200 countries and territories across the globe, according to Business of Apps. It is the preeminent platform for business professionals of all varieties. 

Standing out on LinkedIn is a tremendous advantage, irrespective of your product or service. Interestingly, all successful LI profiles have one thing in common: a great LinkedIn banner. Let’s examine eight LinkedIn banner examples and talk about why they’re so effective.

Pedro Cortes 

This profile belongs to Pedro Cortes. One of the savvy elements lies in the “call to action” (CTA) which we’ve highlighted in yellow. 

linkedin banner examples

Image Source: LinkedIn

Immediately within the banner itself, Pedro offers a link to his website. This is an instant call to action for anyone who might be even slightly curious about his work. 

The genius is that no scrolling or searching is necessary. Everyone who sees his page sees the LinkedIn banner first. Additionally, anyone who sees the banner sees the actionable link. The placement and ease with which the viewer may act are outstanding.

Michal Eisikowitz

linkedin banner examples

Image Source: LinkedIn

While we never want to have a LinkedIn banner that is too stark or barren, simplicity can often stand out. Here, Michal does two excellent things. 

The first is that she has a clean and uncluttered background, which allows the eyes to be drawn to the wording in the banner.  As for her wording, it could be fairly described as exactly what she is selling: Precise, Punchy, and Persuasive. 

Her banner is both powerful and congruent. Also, it accurately reflects the message she wants to deliver to her potential clients. 

Fili Wiese

linkedin banner examples

Image Source: Linkedin

Fili is an SEO expert. Worth noting is that the only set of words on his LinkedIn banner (see the yellow arrow) addresses a deep desire his potential customers may have. 

He cleverly phrases it in the form of a question: “Want better rankings and traffic?” It is also presented in the largest font size on the banner. 

Is there any question about what Fili can do for his customers? No, not even a slight one. 

He connects to their pain point while simultaneously offering them hope. Perfectly done.

Kelly Robinson

linkedin banner examples

Image Source: LinkedIn

Kelly, much like Michal, keeps it short and sweet. One glance at her banner tells us two things: Kelly is a recruiter, and Kelly recruits with “retention” in mind. 

She acknowledges the difficulties businesses are having in retaining their talent, which indicates she understands the customer’s pain.

Meanwhile, she is simultaneously informing them that her recruiting style is based on her client getting the right person. Kelly promises to deliver a hire the client will want to retain and one who will want to stay. 

In six words, she informs us that she is intent on finding the right hire, not just any hire. This is music to a customer’s ears!   

Below that, she emphasizes retention again, putting it in capital letters. Her message is clear: You’ll retain who she sends you. 

Lorena Acosta

linkedin banner examples

Image Source: LinkedIn

Another excellent LinkedIn banner example comes from Lorena Acosta. Lorena has nearly two million followers. As a brand evangelist, she is at the top of her craft and is very well known. 

Her time, as one might imagine, is precious. Yet the five most prominent words in her banner (circled in red), are a reassurance that she is “just one text away.”

It is important that potential clients or customers feel like we care and that we are reachable. In five comforting words, Lorena lets us know that she is neither too big, nor busy, to engage with us. 

In sports, they often say that the best ability is “avail-ability.” Letting your clients know you are there for them is a great way to ensure that they reach out.

Craig Stanland

linkedin banner examples

Image Source: LinkedIn

One of the recurring themes within all of these LinkedIn banner examples is the ability to be clear and connect with your potential clients. 

Craig is a “Reinvention Architect.” It’s an unusual yet clever phrase, capable of sparking a flame. Don’t many of us wish we could reinvent ourselves? 

Of note is that, while he is a TEDx speaker, life coach, and accomplished author, none of those appear in his banner. Instead, Craig’s words and focus are on his clients. 

Highlighted in bold blue letters, he offers them the chance to reinvent their lives today. Meanwhile, the words “Your Extraordinary Life” are in the very center of the banner, putting the client and his or her needs first. Just below that is a call to action. 

It is clean and powerful. No fluff. Just an offer to help them find their “extraordinary.”

Samantha Harman

linkedin banner examples

Image Source: LinkedIn

Yet professional consultants serve many masters, and each client, irrespective of their needs, wants to know you can help them. 

Samantha Harman is a “style coach.” If you don’t require her services, you probably know somebody who does!

In this LinkedIn banner example, Samantha’s copywriting emphasizes two things: if your clothes aren’t helping you succeed, they should; and if they are not, the fault lies in them, not you. 

She takes the burden and guilt off her potential client,while offering to fix the problem. It’s the perfect pitch! 

Warner Bros. Entertainment

linkedin banner examples

Image Source: MKToolboxSuite

Our last LinkedIn banner example goes to the legendary entertainment company Warner Bros. Warner Bros. has been around for a cool 99 years and is a cornerstone of Hollywood and the film industry. 

Its name alone triggers waves of nostalgia among netizens over 40. Nonetheless, the company understands that this is a new century, and they offer just three words for the next generation of consumers.

Brand. New. Story.

With the old logo in the backdrop and the fresh slogan on the billing, Warner Bros. cleverly covers all bases and trumpets their relevance.

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