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LinkedIn Marketing – Succeed with WriterArmy’s Latest Service

When you think about social media marketing, your mind probably goes straight to platforms like Facebook and Twitter. But what about LinkedIn? LinkedIn marketing can be just as effective, if not more so, than any other form of social media marketing. And what’s even better: you don’t have to do it alone. WriterArmy is proud to announce the launch of our brand-new LinkedIn marketing service!

Why is LinkedIn Marketing Important? 

LinkedIn marketing is, essentially, exactly what it sounds like. This strategy involves using the LinkedIn platform to network with other professionals, improve your brand awareness, generate customer leads, share content with others in your industry, and push more traffic to your website. The ways that you can reach and connect with others on LinkedIn are virtually endless.

So, why should you be investing in LinkedIn marketing in the first place? Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has amassed more than 850 million members, so the reach is extremely high. There’s a fairly even divide between men and women, and there are members from all over the world. No matter who you’re trying to market to (in the professional world, at least), they’re likely to be on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is also an incredible resource for gaining conversions. Just check out some of these statistics: 

linkedin marketing

Image Source: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

It’s clear that LinkedIn marketing can go a long way for both B2C and B2B operations. If you’re targeting a professional audience, you simply can’t afford to miss marketing on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn marketing can involve many different facets. You might use LinkedIn to share external articles and give your own perspective on the topic at hand. LinkedIn can also be great for creating and sharing your own posts to connect with others in the industry. Even something as simple as using the right hashtags can help lead your business in the right direction.

WriterArmy’s LinkedIn Marketing Service

WriterArmy’s new LinkedIn marketing service makes it easier than ever to extend your reach on this pivotal platform. We build tailored strategies to help your company gain organic traffic and make genuine connections that are well worth your time. 

We begin with a one-on-one meeting with our clients. During these meetings, we will discuss all the major aspects of your business, like your USPs, as well as the goals you have for your LinkedIn marketing campaign. If you want to meet more than once, we can schedule as many meetings as you wish.

Once we’ve gotten a strategy laid out, we’ll get to work creating compelling cold messages to help build your follower base quickly and efficiently. Our writers will tailor your message sequences specifically to your unique audience for the best possible results. Depending on your preference, we can set up outreach via SalesNav 3, 4, or 5 days per week. We’ll even go as far as to schedule your posts at the ideal time for maximum engagement. 

We are currently offering three LinkedIn marketing packages depending on your needs. Each package includes a custom LinkedIn drip with updates as required, connection requests five days per week, automated follow-ups, and warm lead data gathering. If one of our preset packages doesn’t meet your needs, we’re happy to work with you to create a customized solution that fits your goals and your budget. 

As with all of our services, we offer a satisfaction guarantee with our new LinkedIn marketing service. If you don’t see a significant increase in your follower count, we’ll give you your money back. 

It’s time to use the power of LinkedIn marketing to your advantage. To learn more about our LinkedIn marketing services, contact WriterArmy today for a free consultation!

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